"The London 10 X 
Social Media Bootcamp"
The Life You Want...The Practice You Want...The Finances That You Want, Are Going To Be Fueled By The Practice You Build With Social Media Mastery!
Doctors Worldwide Have Come To 3 Realizations.

1. That the new patient attraction techniques are evolving.  
2. That social media is critical for today's practice success. 
 3. That proven hacks and short-cuts that will produce uncanny results, are the fastest way to grow your practice.

Well, The Good News Is...You're Just One Weekend Away From The Practice Of Your Dreams!
Chiropractors globally are attracting hundreds of new patients per year from their social media mastery.   The real question is...are YOU?  Join us for 2 days and learn the latest techniques that are creating an avalanche of new patients to our practices around the world!
We've Been There And We're In The Trenches With You.  We Saw The Evolution In Practice Growth Years Ago.  We Made The Shift Early, And Our Clients Worldwide Are Benefitting From Our Proactive Change.

Our Experience Has Helped Hundreds Of Doctors Attract Their Lion's Share Of New Patients Through The Internet & Social Media...Are You Next?
We've Got Massive Plans For You At The 
"London 10 X Social Media Bootcamp"
  •  A gathering of the brightest minds in social media from North America and the United Kingdom to share their trade secrets that have attracted thousands of new patients to Chiropractic practices!
  •  Social media hacks include website secrets that attract new patients like "moths to a flame",  current 2018 Facebook techniques that create 20-40+ new patients per month.
  •  Learn the newest social media growth and video hacks, as we shift into the next BIG thing in social media marketing...Instagram
  •  Mastering the power of Facebook groups and how to leverage and monetize your practice
  •   Optimize your practice with the latest Youtube short-cuts and the power of video, video testimonials and content delivery.
  •  Become the community "go to guy or gal" as we build authority through Facebook and book writing
  •  Create your own marketing platform with the new ChiroFunnel Secrets, that serves as an all-in-one marketing platform for all of your marketing efforts.
  •  Embrace "performance based marketing", used by corporate 500 companies.  Apply the same principles used by the most profitable companies worldwide.
  •  And So Much More...
This is a once in a lifetime social media bootcamp that's never before happened in the United Kingdom.  The BEST social media gurus in the world are coming to Windsor for 2-days of PURE content delivery of their very BEST techniques.  Don't get left behind as seat are limited to ONLY 180.
Doc...What's In Store For You At This Year's 
"London 10 X Social Media Bootcamp"
Chiropractic's Top 7 Social Media Gurus Are Coming To London
Here's What You'll Learn At This Year's 
"London 10X Social Media Bootcamp"
  •  Facebook - From Live to Newsfeed to targeted paid ads to optimizing Messenger and getting the highest return on investment
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbots - How to attract more new patients with your Facebook Messenger Chatbots, the newest  mobile responsive marketing technique with an unparalleled 95% open rate.
  •  Instagram - Learn the latest and newest social media shift with Instagram and Instagram T.V. that's leading to a boatload of new patients to doctor's practices worldwide.
  •  Youtube - Video hacks to making outrageously magnetic video to optimizing your viewership and using Youtube to attract new patients
  •  Website - The 12 website must haves to attract new patients like "moths to a flame", and ensure you attract 3-5 new patients per week
  •  Performance Based Marketing - Secrets to tapping into Fortune 500 corporate business skills that can be duplicated in any practice.
  •  Chiro Funnel Secrets - The world's first and complete online marketing system that combines your sales pages, cart, email marketing, membership site and more.  See the top 10 funnels that are "killing it" in the profession
  •  Building Authority - Become your community's "Go To Guy or Gal" by book branding and authority building
  •  And so much more...
Dr. Matt Loop
Dr. Ryan Rieder
Billy Sticker
Andrew Bilak
Dr. Mike Reid
Dr. Chad Woolner
Phil Gibbs
Only 180 Seats Available, As Space Is Limited!  Then The Doors Close!
This Event Will SELL OUT!  Do Not Wait To Purchase Your Ticket!
  •   Immerse Yourself - Over 2 days with the BEST social media gurus in the Chiropractic profession
  •  Master Social Media - Learn the real 2018 and 2019 techniques that attract an avalanche of new patients and dramatically increase your volume and income
  • Implement - Simple, easy to use techniques that you can take back to your practice and implement on Monday morning to see immediate changes
Dr. Matt Loop - Facebook Strategist
The Social Media New Patient Blueprint for Chiropractors
Dr. Matthew Loop helps doctors multiply their influence, impact, and monthly income by harnessing powerful platforms like Facebook and YouTube.  Since social media's infancy in 2005, he's trained over 8,200 chiropractors as clients in 25 countries.  Another 10,000+ have watched his free practice growth videos and downloaded his Facebook marketing cheat sheet.

Dr. Matthew Loop is an international best selling author, Harvard speaker, chiropractor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America..
How did he do it?
2 Days Is All It Takes
Yes, Just 2 days, you'll begin learning how to create unlimited new patient traffic with Facebook.
Matt will share his well vetted techniques for sending as much targeting traffic to his landing pages.
The Best Part!
At the end of our 2-day social media bootcamp, you'll have learned multiple new patient traffic streams from Facebook, Facebook paid ads, Youtube, Instagram and Google Maps.  All you need to decide is how much new patient traffic you want!  That's why Matt is the #1 social media strategist for Chiropractors.
Dr. Mike Reid - The International Chiropractic Master 
Dominating The Conversation With Website & Social Media
Dr. Mike Reid is an international Chiropractic coach who has helped hundreds of doctors build their dream practices over the last 18 years, many into the 7-figures.  Mike's strength is the new patient machine with emphasis on direct response websites, infused with magnetic SEO,  Google reviews and video testimonials.  His 2018 training focuses in dominating the conversation with multiple pillars of social media.
Dr. Mike Reid is an international Chiropractic Coach, CEO of Chiropractic Masters International, father of 4 and a warrior for Chiropractors.  He's author of his latest book, "The Pisiform Code, 67 Split Tests And Observations To The 7-Figure Practice" and CEO of BadAss-Digital Marketing.
Find Out How He Does It?
2 Days At London 10X Is All It Takes
In just 2 days, you'll begin to master how to dominate the social media conversation and create an avalanche of new patients, and effortlessly convert them to care. 
Mike will share his well vetted techniques for sending as much targeting traffic to his websites.  How to dominate the conversation in social media by using his recipe to hit all social media channels
The Best Part!
At the end of our 2-day social media bootcamp, you'll have learned multiple new patient traffic streams by dominating the internet with your website, Youtube, and Google Reviews.  All you need to decide is how much new patient traffic you truly want!
Andrew Bilak - Facebook Messenger Rainmaker
Facebook Messenger Chatbots - How To Double Your New Patient Flow With Facebook Messenger Chatbots! 
We are seeing a trend of email click through rates (CTRs)  dropping to 12%, with open rates around 4%.

What does this mean?  It means that there is a fast change in the way YOU, as a Chiropractor need to adapt to an ever changing world on social media

If you're a surfer, then you know that you need to "pop" on your board...you need to do it prior to the wave!  Makes sense right?

So what is the next wave in social media marketing?

              Facebook Messenger Chatbots!

With an unparalleled open rate of 95%, prospects are mobile responsive to Facebook Messenger.  This is the next great marketing opportunity for Chiropractors

Andrew Bilak, an expert, founded a Chatbot Agency called "RoyalWood Media" two years ago. In that short time span the market has seen rapid growth in the adoption of Chatbots across various industries. Andrew and his team are exclusively focused on Facebook Messenger Chatbots, as the primary platform to allow businesses and brands to teach, build trust, and generate revenue at scale

Andrew Bilak helps businesses and brands build conversational commerce strategies to better connect with their customers and clients.  

Getting in at the ground level has allowed Andrew to work with a variety of industries and niches from Chiropractors, to small and medium-sized businesses, all the way up to multinational corporations with great success...
How do you use Facebook Messenger Chatbots?
Andrew will pull back the curtain at London 10X 
Yes, in just 2 days, you'll begin learning how to create and monetize unlimited new patient traffic with Facebook Messenger Chatbots.
Andrew will share his years of experience on how he's helped hundreds dominate traffic inside their community.
The Most Amazing Part!
At the end of our 2-day social media bootcamp, you'll have mastered the art of monetizing and dominating the conversation within your Facebook Messenger Chatbots.  All you need to decide is how much new patients you want and when to turn off the tap. 
Billy Sticker - Authority & Brand Maker
4 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Authority In Your Market 
Author, speaker, marketer and founder of ChiroCandy Marketing, Billy Sticker started his career in sales. Wanting to be the best he could be, he began reading everything he could on subjects like sales, marketing, leadership, and success. 

 He didn’t just read these books; he studied them, and put them into practice.  Following his expertise, Billy became the director of marketing for a multi-practice chiropractic office. Due to his extensive research put into practice, they immediately started seeing great results. 

He decided to document the success and wrote a marketing book for chiropractors.. He then realized he had a true talent and gift and began helping other doctors market their practice and publish their own “leading authority” book.
Billy Sticker is CEO of ChiroCandy Marketing, one of the largest social media ad agencies in the chiropractic profession. The team at ChiroCandy Marketing manages over $1 million dollars in Facebook ad spend for local chiropractors worldwide. In the past 12 months, ChiroCandy’s marketing has generated over $4 million dollars for their doctors.
How conquers markets by building brand authority through Facebook and books?
Billy will unveil all his secrets at this year's London 10X 
Over these 2 days at our exclusive bootcamp, you'll begin learning how to build brand authority through Facebook and your own book, while monetizing your practice.
In the past 12 months, ChiroCandy’s marketing has generated over $4 million dollars for their doctors..
The Most Amazing Part!
At the end of our 2-day social media bootcamp, you'll begin to mastered how to create outrageous brand authority, dominate your market with your unique brand and generate a record income for your practice.
Phil Gibbs - Performance Based Marketer
7 Steps To Making More Money In Your Business 
Phil Gibbs is CEO of Business Accelerator UK Limited, helping entrepreneurs scale their business and become profitable.  He's passionate about affiliate partnerships and building lean, nimble and profitable businesses.   

Phils' 10 x social media teachings will focus around:

Unlocking the secrets to making additional money from the work you already do.

Discovering  the 18 steps to increasing sales and customer engagement

How to stop the fear and worry that's holding you back

How to get website visitors in 20 minutes or less

Discover the path to increasing sales with zero investment.

Learn how to create a profit partnership and piggy back with the giants in your industry.

How to quickly and easily implement these systems in your practice.

Phillip is one of the leading authorities on "Performance Based Marketing and Affiliate Partnerships", helping entrepreneurs who are serious about creating rapid and sustainable growth in their business.
Phil helps his clients by emulating proven techniques used by the top Corporate 500.  
Phil will share his corporate 500 techniques at this year's London 10X 
YES! In just 2 days, Phil will walk you work through the same systems he teaches to corporations that you can quickly and easily implement in your practice.  You'll discover how you can build your own Performance Based Marketing system and start pulling in new customers like clockwork..
The Results Will Speak For Themselves
At the end of our 2-day social media bootcamp, you'll leave with a system ready to plugin into your business and a clear action plan to start generating your own "performance based" marketing system.  
Ryan Rieder - FaceBook Avalanche
How We Got 5000 New Patients Leads From Facebook In a Single Year!!

Dr. Ryan Rieder is the co-founder of Halsa care group in the United Kingdom. In just 5 years Halsa has grown to 8 offices and over 7 million dollars revenue annually. 

They have over 100 team members that serve 3500-4000 patients every single week. 

He is a frequent speaker at Chiropractic events and business growth events across the world, including T Harv Ekers Millionaire Mind Intensive, with him more recently having shared the stage with marketing legend Jay Abraham and some of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad advisors.

Ryan and his team have generated well over 5000 new patient leads in the last year exclusively using Facebook and online strategies and regularly spend well over six figures testing Facebook strategies every year.

Dr. Ryan Rieder is a legend in the U.K., creating a health care empire most doctors only dream about.  
How does Ryan make $7 million per year...with Facebook?
Ryan will share his Facebook hacks at London 10X 
Over our 2 days at the Halsa Group headquarters, Ryan will reveal how his team attracted over 5000 leads with Facebook and the keys to his follow up sequence.  He'll unselfishly share his Facebook secrets and online strategies to create millions for his practices.
The Most Amazing Part!
These techniques are used by some of the most successful practices worldwide.  They're tested and proven and the most important part...reproducible!  You'll walk away from London 10X with the exact templates used by Ryan and hundreds of other doctors around the globe"
Dr. Chad Woolner - ChiroFunnel Secrets University
The Clickfunnel Chiropractor Who Create ChiroFunnel University!!
Dr. Chad Woolner is CEO of Align Integrated Medical Clinic and CEO of  ChiroFunnel Secrets University.  

A few years ago, as a good friend of Russel Brunson, creator of Click Funnels, he formulated the Chiro Funnel Secrets University program for Chiropractors.

Chirofunnel Secrets is the world's most integrated software system for chiropractors that integrates everything you need to run effective marketing campaigns, including video sales letter, carts, lead pages, membership sites, affiliate campaigns, email autoresponders, Facebook marketing and of course...funnels.   

The results over this new and exciting integrative programs has been nothing less than stellar.  

Chad now runs regular MAP Chirofunnel weekend seminars showing doctors how to create effective funnels for new patient attraction. 

Dr. Chad Woolner from Boise, Idaho, is CEO of the world's first integrative and complete software for Chiropractors called ChiroFunnel Secrets University.  
How does Chad do it?  He teamed up with Russell Brunson who made $100 million last year.
Chad will release his NEW ChiroFunnel Secrets to the Chiropractors of the U.K. at London 10X 
Over our 2 days, Chad will show you the BEST funnels for Chiropractors that are pulling in an outrageous number of new patients for Chiropractors around the world.  Chad will reveal his newest single funnel that uses every social media technique with multiple touch points.
The Most Amazing Part!
At the end of Chad's 2 hour presentation, you'll want to become a member of ChiroFunnel Secrets University and start building your own effective and magnetic new patient attraction funnels"
There's 66 Million People In The United Kingdom.  Isn't It Time We Got More People Under Chiropractic Care. We Can Do It Together With Mastering Social Media.
A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Learn From 7 Masters Over 2 Days
Our Promise To You!  To unselfishly share absolutely everything we know that will give you an insanely unfair advantage over Big Pharma and your competition, to dramatically shift the quality and quantity of your new patient growth and your bottom line.
Listen To Some Of Our Raving Clients

Dr. David Zamikoff, Bradenton, FL

I am averaging 40 NEW PATIENTS PER WEEK, since that 2nd seminar. It makes it almost impossible to fail, if you just do what needs to get done. .

Dr. Christopher Lauria, Roanoke,VA

I jumped-in a did everything very quickly and also do what Matt says every week. In the past 4 weeks, I’ve gotten 21 calls from people that have seen my posts, videos, or website. Before that, I got zero. Mondays are crazy with calls!

Dr. Barry Kluner, Sabang Jaya, Malaysia

“It’s been one year and I have doubled revenue every month since January. In the month of March I collected $106,000. Conversion to care is 100%. I’ve hit 95% of my practice objectives. The major advantage was the new procedures that has INSTANTLY changed a lot of my missing pieces.”

Dr. Clayton Roach, Bedford, NS

It’s been 2 years and I cannot believe the difference in my practice. In the first 7 months of this year, I’ve collected $736,000. My practice has doubled and I’m on my way to $1.4 million this year. I no longer worry on Sunday night what my practice will be like for Monday morning. 

Dr. Stu Kilian, Vancouver, BC

“In one year with CMI, my practiced more than DOUBLED. Growth started immediately. Month 2 working with Dr. Mike, our office set a record of over 100 new patients for that month. His systems, procedures and one-on-one coaching have transformed not only my life, but the many lives of the patients I now serve. I'm in my 23rd year of practice and I can honestly say that IENJOY what I do now…MORE than ever! A sincere thank-you Dr. Mike."

Featured Image Headline

Before I started with Masters, I was pain based.  My practice used to be chaotic and stressed.  We were running week to week and month to month.  Since working with Masters over the last 10 years, I'm having more fun and seeing more miracles.  I now work just 4 days per week, take my 3-day weekends off, have more time with my wife and kids, and…it’s given me more FINANCIAL FREEDOM…because it’s tripled my practice.".

Dr. Bruce Grant, Durban, South Africa

Working with Ryan is not a game changer, it is a new game all together!  I have grown by 37.5% in 2017, and this potential and possibilities would never be conceptually/vaguely tangible without Ryan and his team. I am unapologetically a member of loyal follower of Ryan Rieder Inner Circle (RRIC), if you don’t get on board you only have yourself to blame.

Dr. Mike Paull, Wigan, U.K.

First of all, thank you so much Ryan... Since we started coaching with you, my clinic has taken took off like an Elon Musk rocket.. Over the last month we have had our busiest 4 week period EVER (New patient’s and Adjustments_ ..we are generating over £6000 extra PER WEEK. This is again due to Ryans energy, brilliance, teaching skills and example of being a 100% ethical chiropractor and marketer. It's been an amazing experience to feel my confidence grow alongside this process. 


Dr. Jose Guevara, Atlanta Georgia

Not only did Dr. Matt’s systems help triple the traffic to my website and increase the number of patients coming into my office, now I dominate Google and generate so much income without having to do any lectures or screenings.

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

"Working with Phillip is a fabulous experience. He is sharp, simple and very effective!  I highly recommend him to my friends.  Message him now and begin to take your business to a new level."

Dr. Holly Tucker Matteo, Bluffton, SC

A couple years ago, we said sayonara to yellow page ads, and put our dollars into training with Matt Loop, who took us to the next level of integrating social media into our practice. Our patients LOVE it! They get to know us through the internet and see different videos. They feel like they already know us before walking through our office door.

Dr. Danny Knowles, Boulder, CO

I'm very grateful for the information Dr. Loop shares. It's a gift to the chiropractic profession. His ability to help us get found on the internet was very valuable. I highly recommend his services!

Dr. Steven Vincent, Idaho Falls

"We were getting mediocre results with another Facebook agency that caters to doctors. After hearing Billy speak at a bootcamp I attended, I decided to give him a shot. I'm so glad I did. He started a FB campaign that generated over 31 paying new patient leads the first 3 weeks!".

Dr. Jason Wilson, Cambridge, Ontario

I've had my BEST years coaching with Dr. Mike.  In 2016 we started seeing months over $100,000.00 and broke $1.4 million in sales.  2017 was another RECORD year. I've never dreamt I could build such a successful practice.  I'm now building a 2nd practice in an adjoining town.

Toby Brooks, United Kingdom

“Phil has been instrumental in the growth of our business. When we started working together our turnover was £200k, this year it will be £1.5m and our profit margin has increased by 300%."

Dr. Terry Tolle, Indianapolis, IN

"Billy Sticker is 'the man' when it comes to generating leads online. I have been in practice for several years and I have never had this many qualified internet leads... Close to 200 Facebook leads in the first 8 weeks!".
Our 100% "Make You Social Media Happy" Guarantee
A 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied by the quality or quantity of our content by noon on Saturday, November 17th, then simply let us know and we'll refund 100% of your dollars ...with no questions asked.  
The London 10X Social Media Itinerary
Halsa Group Headquarters, Unit B3, Fairacres Industrial Estate, Dedworth Road, Windsor, UK, SL44LE
+44 1753 853521

Friday, November 16,  5:00pm to 11:00 pm
5:00 - 5:45 pm Dr. Mike Reid - Dominating The Conversation With                                    Social Media

5:45 - 6:45pm  Dr. Ryan Rieder - 5000 New Patients From Facebook

6:45 - 7:30 pm Dr. Matt Loop  - Facebook Advertising Masterclass:                                     Lucrative Growth Strategies

7:30 - 7:45 - Break

7:45 - 8:30 pm - Billy Sticker - 4 Steps To Building Ultimate Authority In                               Your Market

8:30 - 9:15 pm - Andrew Bilak - Messenger Marketing Mastery To                                        Build Trust Before You Sell

9:15 - 10:00 pm - Dr. Mike Reid - Badass Websites That Attract 20+ NPs
Saturday, November 17, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

9:00 - 10:00 am   Dr. Mike Reid - Building Your Chiropractic Business                                     with Chiro Funnel Secrets (ClickFunnels)

10:00 - 11:00 am Phil Gibbs - Performance Based Marketing - How To                          Boost Your Word Of Mouth Marketing... AND Automate It!

11:00 - 12:00 pm Billy Sticker - How to write and publish your book in                                                           as little as 3 weeks

12:00 - 2:00 pm - Dr. Mike Reid- 7 Steps To 7-Figures + Lunch Breakout

2:00 - 3:00 pm - Andrew Bilak - Automating Your Practice Marketing                                   With Facebook Marketing

3:00 - 4:00 pm - Dr. Matt Loop - 2018 Social Media New Client                                               Blueprint

4:00 - 5:00 pm - Phil Gibbs - How To Get Influencers In Your                                                 Community To Do Your Marketing For You

The London 10X Social Media Bootcamp
November 16, 17, 2018, Windsor, U.K.  
This Will Transform Your Practice.
You Are The ONLY One Responsible For Your Future.  

No association, governing board or organization is going to build your practice for you.  

With over 66 million people in the U.K. and millions more in Europe, with the distrust of Big Pharma and the movement towards alternative natural health care, it in now OUR time to reach more of those in need of Chiropractic through social media.

Our proven methods with ensure you reach the masses to serve more in your practice, attract more new patients than ever before, and build a greater wealth to secure your future.

Join us November 16, 17 at the Halsa Headquarters, Fairacres Industrial Estate, 77 Dedworth Rd, Windsor SL4 4LE, UK.

Seating is limited and this event will SELL OUT!

Seating Is Limited To The First 150 Registrants Due To Space Limitations.
This Event Will SELL OUT
No Walk-Ins Will Be Allowed
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We do not have a room block for these hotels, as booking your own rooms can often be less expensive.  

Friday Nov 16
 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Saturday Nov 17th 
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Halsa Headquarters

Fairacres Industrial Estate, 77 Dedworth Rd, Windsor SL4 4LE, UK.
For more information, please email info@chiropractic-masters.com
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